Welcome to the Fit for Fall Challenge!

Check out the following video for general information:
Instructions for how clients weigh in weekly & fill out questionnaire:
How to take your Before & After Photos
  1. Weigh in all 6 weeks. First & last week on a digital scale
    • Weigh In’s are Monday’s from 12:00 am midnight CST to 9:00 pm CST
    • Click HERE for the weigh in schedule.
  2. Purchase of 100 points of Herbalife products from a coach who is coaching the challenge is required.
    • September 21 – October 5th by midnight
    • Receipt submitted w/initial weigh in
    • Click HERE to learn how to show Proof of Purchase!
  3. Attend winners call November 19th at 8pm CST and submit code word to coach if you are a winner.
    • Click HERE to see details about the call